Robert Kraft Chose the Coach Over The Quarterback

Robert Kraft Chose the Coach Over The Quarterback

The new Patriots book ‘The Dynasty’ really was an in-depth look at the Patriot’s success. If you read in between the lines you could see why Brady left New England and it was best for all involved. Patriots Owner Robert Kraft was always going to choose Belichick over any positional player. He did that with Bledsoe when Brady came and Belichick wanted to go with him, and he did it again when Belichick wasn’t going to invest in a 43-year-old quarterback. Brady knew that, and when he called Kraft on the evening of March 16th it was clear that it was best to move on from the organization.

To the media Brady, Belichick, and Kraft will tell you it was just time. However, after you read the book you’ll understand that Kraft was stuck because he wanted to keep both, but the coach and quarterback were so opposite that it wasn’t going to work. Kraft wouldn’t fire Belichick for the sake that Brady finishes his career in New England. Brady knew this and he wouldn’t want Kraft to do that. Belichick is the greatest head coach of all time. Brady had great success in New England but was tired of playing for Belichick. All of his loyalty was to Kraft.

Robert Kraft Was Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

There’s a reason he went to Kraft’s house on March 16th and not Belichick’s. He called him on the phone from Kraft’s house. Brady will tell the world the next day that his time in New England was over and he will be playing somewhere else. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a new fresh place with an offensive head coach. Brady can breathe some fresh new air in Florida with receivers he can trust. He can have input and can be happy, as he finishes his football career.

For Kraft he made the right decision, he chose the coach over the quarterback. He wants to make sure the team is ready for the next decade-plus. He’d want Belichick part of that plan to make sure they were contenders year in and year out. They’ll never admit it publicly even the author of the book Jeff Benedict says it was just time. The correct answer is Kraft chose Belichick over Brady like he chose Belichick over Bledsoe. 

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