John Feitelberg: “It’s sad to see what’s happened to this company.”

John Feitelberg: “It’s sad to see what’s happened to this company.”

Last week, longtime Barstool Sports personalities John Feitelberg and Kevin Clancy let out their frustrations regarding co-workers.

On the latest edition of KFC Radio, Feitelberg and KFC discussed how certain gambling centric employees conducted themselves. Brandon Walker and former MLB catcher Paul La Duca create a lot of gambling content. But they have recently complained to management about in-house drama. Feitelberg and KFC were far from impressed with that line of thinking.

“Bro, this company has gone so fucking soft. Such a bunch of f**king p**sies,” Feitelberg said. “Outside of Dave (Portnoy), Dan (Katz), and Marty (Mush), and the Barstool Bets crew, p**sies. Every single one of them.”

They both agreed on Erika Nardini, Barstool’s CEO, should not be bothered with employees telling her their feelings are hurt. Feitelberg then took this point and springboarded to more complaints.

“F**king blocking people on Twitter, f**king whining to the f**king CEO, f**king crying to HR,” Feitelberg ranted. “P**SIES! It’s sad to see what’s happened to this company.”

Throughout all of that, KFC was egging Feitelberg to go even harder. They also discussed how Barstool Sports was a lot less sensitive when the office was in Milton, Massachusetts.

Feitelberg was far from done.

“You guys are f**king ruining the name of Barstool Sports f**king crying like little schoolboys.”

They wrapped up the evisceration of their company by adding that inside infighting has always been a part of Barstool’s fabric. But complaining about the drama later to management is not what Barstool Sports is about.

This conversation was interesting since Feitelberg and KFC are as well versed in Barstool’s past, present, and future as anyone. They started the website’s first podcast, which opened the door for dozens more to sprout up.

While some of their opinions might have been a little exaggerated, the passion and feelings were very clear. They are frustrated that certain members of the company just do not get Barstool Sports.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the short term from these comments. If these called out employees fight back, then it shows they do understand what the company is.

It will also be intriguing to see how Portnoy and Nardini view this conversation. Will they look into why they hire the people they do? Talk to Feitelberg and KFC about their gripes?

With Barstool always adapting to a new sports media climate, it will be fascinating seeing how the old employees react to the new Barstool Sports.

Story by Chad Jones

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