What Jarrett Stidham Means For The Future

What Jarrett Stidham Means For The Future

It was already the first week of training camp and quarterback Jarrett Stidham was already hurt. This was and still is his chance to prove he can be a starter this season. After Brady left, he had the chance to take advantage of an opportunity to beat out Cam Newton and become the starter. Now, that he has an injured hip and he won’t be 100% for weeks sets him back. Granted, Newton was probably starting this season because Stidham wasn’t ready. But the fact Stidham is already hurt is a bad sign.

Stidham already off to a rocky start

Rumors were the Patriots weren’t happy with how Stidham handled the offseason. Jimmy Stewart from Felger and Mazz reported that the Patriots weren’t happy he went to a wedding in Texas. He probably was still working and throwing down there but it isn’t a good sign when he’s making hospital trips a week into training camp. Stidham is supposed to be the future for this team for years to come. Newton is only here for the season and Hoyer is a career backup. On the plus side at least he’s playing through the injury even if it’s on a limited basis. That means Newton should take advantage of the opportunity and make the most of it. The Patriots should get him ready to start week 1 against the Dolphins.

Long term, though, Stidham really needs to have a great year if he wants a future with the Patriots. He seems mobile but just needs his chance, it certainly doesn’t help there aren’t any preseason games this year. We could’ve gotten at least a glimpse but now the first two months of games will probably have a pre-season feel with sloppy football.

I’m trying to give Stidham the benefit of the doubt because of the uncertainty with COVID-19. However, if he wants to be the starter for years to come then he’s really going to have to be football 24/7. The first one in the last one out kind of a deal if he really wants it. This will be the real test for him to see he’s ready mentally and physically to take over as the starter. So far it’s off to a rocky start.

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