Celtics and Bruins playoff schedule this week

Celtics and Bruins playoff schedule this week

The annual tradition of flipping back and forth between a Celtics and Bruins postseason game has returned. The Celtics kick off their playoff series with the Philadelphia 76ers this week. While at the same time, the Bruins will continue to battle the Carolina Hurricanes.

Here is the schedule for both the Celtics and Bruins this week:

Monday, August 17th

Game 1: Celtics 109-76ers 101

Game 4: Bruins 4-Hurricanes 3

Wednesday, August 19th

Celtics vs. 76ers game 2, 6:30 EST

Bruins vs. Hurricanes game 5, 4 EST

Thursday, August 20th

If necessary, Bruins vs. Hurricanes game 6, (TBD)

Friday, August 21st

Celtics vs. 76ers game 3, 3:30 EST

Sunday, August 23rd

Celitcs vs. 76ers game 4, 1 EST

If necessary, Bruins vs. Hurricanes game 7, (TBD)

The biggest takeaway from this schedule is that the Bruins and Celtics will have at least 2 games on the same day. I am sure Boston fans would have liked to the see the Celtics play Tuesday/Thursday so this occurrence would only happen once.

It’s also noteworthy that a potential game 7 for the Bruins could be happening at the same time game 4 for the Celtics is underway.

While game 1 for the C’s is the same date as the B’s game 4, the start times are staggered.

Many fans who are invested in both Boston’s hockey and basketball teams go through this pretty much every year. Everyone has their own system of consuming as much of both contests as possible.

Recording one game for later, streaming one on a device while putting the other on television, or wearing out the all-powerful last button on the remote are all fine options.

This upcoming week’s schedule again highlights that following both teams equally is a challenge. If both organizations are playing at the same time, you naturally gravitate to one. Either because of your sports preference, the games score, or series standing.

While it would be nice not to have Bruins and Celtics playoff games overlap, it is certainly better than the alternative of watching either of them.

Story by Chad Jones

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