Resume Writing: What Not to Add

Writing a resume can be confusing as there are too many rules covering how to organize the content and what to include. Your resume should contain your contact details, work history, educational history, and accomplishments. What you might not have heard is that there are
things that don’t belong to your resume, and including them may damage your professional reputation.

This article will reveal what exactly you need to remove from the resume right now to make a better impression. Remember that you only got 6 seconds to catch the employer’s attention! With this in mind, more and more job-seekers refer to professional online resume services
for a resume edit. The editor from the resume company does their best to help professionals of all levels get noticed by employers, providing in-depth editing and keywording service.

What not to put when writing a resume

Your personal information

Keep your age, gender, marital status, ethnicity, and religion off your resume! This information can be used as a basis for discriminating against you. Therefore, employers typically reject such resumes to avoid discriminatory claims and save their good reputation and money.

Your picture

Attaching a picture to the US resume is not recommended either. The pictures might not be compatible with the ATS the company is using, so the formatting will be messed up. Again, resumes with pictures are often discarded to avoid discriminatory claims.

First person pronouns

Pronouns like I, me, are not used in resume writing. Traditionally, resumes are written in the third person without any pronouns, so you need to stick to this standard. Otherwise, the employer might assume that you’re not aware of the rules of professional communication.

Irrelevant experience

If you apply for the job as a finance manager, the skills and experience you list should be relevant to your target job. Professional writers recommend that you remove the jobs or internships that don’t align with the role you have in mind to improve the relevance of your resume.

Career objective

Objectives that sound like “To obtain a sales associate position in the fast-growing company where I can develop my skills” is of little service for employers. It’s better to replace them with a summary that clearly outlines your fit for the role.

Unprofessional email address

Are you still using a college email that sounds like “[email protected]”? Then, keep it for messages from friends. 76% of resumes get discarded for using an unprofessional address. Create an email address that consists of your first and last name.

Too many details about your hobbies

Including interest at the end of the resume is often welcomed. Yet, keep in mind that this section should take no longer than 2-3 lines. Avoid going overboard and including details about how many times a week you practice yoga and what your favorite asanas are.


If you still end the resume with “References available upon request” or list those references, it’s time to change the strategy. Modern resumes don’t contain references. Employers prefer you to submit references as a separate document and provide them upon request.

Typos and errors

Your resume needs to make a professional impression, and it’s hardly possible if it contains grammar mistakes. To avoid occasional mistakes, many job-seekers send their resumes to a resume editor for review. The best professionals will proofread your CV online, making your
application spotless. Each reputable resume company also offers the services of a writer in case your resume needs more improvement.

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