The Patriots Are Motivated To Face The New Challenges Head On

The Patriots Are Motivated To Face The New Challenges Head On

For the first time in 20 years the Patriots are going into a season with Tom Brady. For the first time ever they are going into a season in a global pandemic. 2020 has brought lots of changes and challenges. Every team is in the same boat. But, with Belichick being the best coach in the league I think he likes facing new challenges.

The Patriots have wrapped up COVID testing, and with no positive tests, players can enter the building. Even though they haven't practiced together as a team yet the individual team workouts are happening. Cam Newton has worked with Edelman, Sanu, Harry, and others ahead of training camp. Also, Jarrett Stidham has worked with teammates. It's going to be interesting to see it all come together on the practice field very soon. Of course, Belichick was tight-lipped yesterday on who the starter would be he said it was an open competition. Cam Newton didn't come here to hold a clipboard he's motivated as ever to prove people he's still has it.

Patriots Have A Lot Of Work To Do

Julian Edelman is out to prove he isn't just a product of Brady. Watch him have a great year. He's been Brady's go-to receiver for some time but that could soon be Newton's favorite target. Also, Belichick is motivated to convince everyone wrong that he isn't tanking because Brady isn't in New England. He's going to put the best players out there that give him the best chance to win. I'm sure he'll keep an eye on Tampa to see how Brady is doing and I'm sure he wants to have a better record than Brady too.

With seven players opting out the pressure is on. Belichick makes no excuses and COVID isn't going to slow him down. They have a month to get ready for the season is that enough time? What they do in the spring will be crammed into one month of training camp. There's a lot of work to do and without Brady, it's even a bigger task. However, Belichick is the best at adapting to challenges and puts the team first.

Written by Steve Atkinson

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