Jayson Tatum Still In The MVP Race

Jayson Tatum Still In The MVP Race

While the talks of the most valuable player award has consisted of LeBron and Giannas, someone’s missing. Jayson Tatum’s 2019-2020 regular season campaign has been an impressive one. Impressive enough to still be in the MVP race.

While averaging 23.6 points and 7.1 rebounds, he’s been able to bring his team to the 3rd seed. At only 22 years old, Tatum is leading a team of All Star veterans. And as we see the scrimmage games happen, the regular season game will be crucial. 

Right now Tatum doesn’t stand at the top of the race. His team is just under the 2 seed in the eastern conference. But with the last few games left to play before the playoffs, the Celtics have the chance to move up. If that does happen, that’ll make the case for Tatum being MVP much stronger. Depending on his play and contribution. If he continues to be the leader of the Celtics than the success will be led by him.

Typically, the first round of the playoffs is also a key moment in deciding the MVP of the NBA. Depending on the seed they land in, the Celtics could end up with a easy or hard assignment. Whatever the case may be, Tatum has the potential to average near 30 points a game. Especially since he’s now the number one offensive option for Coach Brad Stevens. Celtics have other threats such as Walker, Hayward, Brown, and more able to stretch the floor. Teams are not able to double Tatum or focus down on him, leaving a few more easy baskets in transition. 

There’s also no forgetting the shear talent that Tatum possesses as a player. Standing at a generous 6’8 he’s able to stretch the floor with his 3 point shot. He moves just as quick as a point guard, mid range is deadly, and handle that’ll put you to sleep. This year he’s been more aggressive going to the cup, but also knowing to not force it. He gets to the line when need be and controls the pace of the game. And at such a young age, the former Duke guard isn’t afraid to hit the big shots. But that’s only as an offensive weapon.

Defensively Tatum has been put in the forward position due to the lack of front court help. However, he’s been able to defend guys his height and taller on the block. His perimeter defense is something to see because of his quick lateral movement. Originally a shooting guard, Tatum also can be moved over to defend the top guards in the league.

The next month and a half will be important to see who’ll rise above everyone else for MVP. There are definitely other players have more popularity and a fan base that overshadow Tatum’s. However, if the Celtics are able to come out strong in these next string of games, than Tatum’s case will get stronger. Especially if moved up in the eastern conference.

Feature Image Via NBA.com

Written by Kevin Perrington-Turner

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