Can Tacko Fall Play A Role In Celtics Playoff Run?

Can Tacko Fall Play A Role In Celtics Playoff Run?

We are less than a week away from the NBA resuming the regular season in Orlando. The Celtics may indeed use the 7-foot-5 Center Tacko Fall, but only in few moments. 

The Senegalese player is just in his rookie season, and had to fight for a spot on the Celtics roster. Going undrafted, Fall played a few games in the G-League, averaging a double double of 12.9 points and 11.1 rebounds. This was good enough to be called up and play in six games. But now with a NBA championship on the line, we may see Fall play low but critical minutes. 

Most critics have the Celtics as one of the top teams in the east. And while Brad Stevens is getting his team ready, Fall’s height and length may come to good use in these games. In those six regular season games Fall only averaged 3.2 points and 1.8 rebounds. But that’s not bad considering he’s only played four minutes.

The former UCF Center stands at a eye catching 7’5 feet which will make him the tallest in the east. Yes, he does lack the strength of a top NBA Center. And Fall also lacks any sort of range from the field. His 33% free throw shooting is nothing to marvel at either. His post moves is nowhere near where it should be at this level yet either. He’s almost a non threat on the offensive side of the ball. 

That doesn’t overlook the fact that Fall can score underneath the basket. The former Maine Claws Center’s feet doesn’t need to leave the floor to dunk. If given a few offensive rebounds he has the ability to finish based off his height. But given a closer look, Coach Stevens may find use for him elsewhere for the rookie. 

Being the tallest player in the eastern conference means he has the ability to block shots. Fall doesn’t need to get much off the ground to block, alter and defend opponents shots. At UCF he averaged around two blocks a game for the entire he was there. In the beginning of the season he earned All-Defensive G League honors with nearly three blocks a game. Now that he’s in the league and still the tallest, he may hold the power to be as effective if put in the right positions. 

Only averaging four minutes in the six games he played, Fall may see playing time in the playoffs. His minutes may be minuscule, but Fall can be effective against opponents front court. Although I do question his toughness if he were to go against guys like Joel Embiid and such. 

If played in the right rotation, I can see Brad Stevens finding use for him. Especially if the Celtics are able to get into a deep run in the playoffs. The deeper Coach Stevens must go in to the bench, the more Tacko Fall will have a chance to be productive. It’s all about situation and having the right keys around him. Even if it is only for few minutes.

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