Boston Fans Won’t Have The Same Effect Anymore

Boston Fans Won’t Have The Same Effect Anymore

Throughout the generations Boston fans have been some of the most effective in America. And due to COVID-19, the overall vibe may not be the same in future games. 

Boston fans created an intense atmosphere for every opponent coming in to play. Every single game felt like a win or go home playoff game due to the high volume the fans created. Because of that, it peaked the interest of top players to not only play in Boston, but to stay here for the long hall. This caused a number of years of Boston staying on top of the food chain no matter the sport. 

Fans like Seattle at the CenturyLink Field known as the ’12th man’ for their high volume. But in Boston, there’s no need for a nickname. The City speaks for itself by championships and loyalty from environment. Whether it’s the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, or Bruins there’s always a packed crowd, even in losing seasons. 

The government has allowed professional games to resume with stipulations. Removing the fans for this season and maybe the next will cause a rift through the league for years to come. This affect will be more prevalent to places with high fan loyalty and participation such as Boston. 

The Celtics gear up to play the entire postseason in Orlando on July 31st, a setting where home court advantage is nonexistent. Now the affect of the fans will be placed on social media and elsewhere other than where the games will actually be played. This upcoming season we will see just how much the Boston fans played a role. But one thing’s for sure, it will be a different feel than before.

As the Red Sox gear up to play their season they also have to play with a lack of physical fan support. In Fenway Park the fans are a critical part of the teams success. Whether it’s when the fans cheer for a home run or boo an opposing player who’d played for them in a previous season. Full counts won’t have the added affect of fans screaming at pitchers. Error plays won’t be as effective to the player if there isn’t thousands of Bostonians there to hassle him. Most important of all, no Sweet Caroline being sung at the 7th inning will be a travesty. 

And in Foxboro at Gillette Stadium, playoff games may never be the same again. Part of the reason the Patriots have been so successful is from the home field advantage they get. Each year, New England obtained the top seeds, which forced teams play at Gillette to win. Many fail do so, leaving the Patriots with trips to the Super Bowl almost on a consistent basis. 

In the future perhaps we’ll be able to see fans jam packed in a arena with 20,000 people screaming. For now and the foreseeable future, Boston fans impact on games is deleted. Only time will tell if it’ll also affect the chances of winning championships.

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