Boston Sports Are Finally Back

Boston Sports Are Finally Back

Today will be the first time since March 10th you will watch a major Boston sports game. March 10th. Let that sink in. 

135 days have gone by without any of the four major New England sports teams on your television. Over 3,000 hours. Almost 200,000 minutes. More than 11 million seconds. 

While of course sports, as well as life in general, does not seem back to normal yet. The Red Sox are playing at Fenway Park in front of zero paying customers. The Celtics are at Disney World. The Bruins will be in Toronto during August. These facts would have been unthinkable last July 24th. Now they are completely accepted situations. 

So of course there are a few things you and I still long for even with the return of sports. Soaking in the sun at Fenway during a Saturday afternoon will not be part of your summer plans. The restaurants near The Garden will not be filled to capacity during Bruins and Celtics games. 

These circumstances are far from ideal. In fact, they are quite frustrating. But 2020 has brought us all hardships in many different ways. I am sure you have dealt with a lot more significant problems than not being able to go to sporting events. Lord knows I have.

Now with that dash of perspective added, let us get back to enjoying sports returning to our lives. 

What are you most looking forward to about the Red Sox starting up again? Or the Bruins and Celtics about to restart their campaigns? 

Is it seeing the return of the star players, such as Xander Bogaerts, Jayson Tatum, and Patrice Bergeron? Can you not wait to enjoy the glue guys making the less sexy but equally as important plays? Marcus Smart taking a charge or Sean Kuraly causing a turnover, for example? 

Maybe you just really want back that feeling of rooting for a team.

I know what I am just dying to get back into my life. Appreciating that there are events coming up that I can look forward to. 

Essentially every night for the next couple months, I know one of these 3 teams will provide me a source of entertainment. However the Sox, Bs, and Cs are playing, or who they are playing, does not matter as much as the fact they are playing. 

The simple pleasure of taking in a game with my family, or messaging a friend while we watch the same contest in different places, was a massive part of my life before the shutdown. And I am not going to lie, as dumb as this may sound to some, not being able to enjoy those interactions was one of the worst parts of the pandemic for me. 

I am thrilled that part of my life has finally kick-started again. 

Whatever happens with the Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins this year, I am sure Boston fans will experience some form of disappointment. I really doubt all three of these teams win championships. 

However, regardless of how their seasons go, the fact is they are back on our screens, in our lives, on our minds. That alone should cause jubilation for New England sports fans.  

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