No Preseason And The Impact It Has On The Patriots Season

No Preseason And The Impact It Has On The Patriots Season

The Patriots will have no preseason games this season. Put that along with zero OTA’s and minicamp, and it’s just training camp and going straight into the regular season. If Brady was still here that wouldn’t be a problem. But with Brady in Tampa the Patriots could get off to a rocky start. The Patriots have rookies that haven’t had a chance to meet their new teammates yet because of the pandemic. Jarrett Stidham is going on his second year and they just signed Cam Newton, who is on a mission.

The Patriots Could Use The Reps In The Preseason

The Patriots could use two preseason games to get the reps. Also, it would be good for the coaches to see what works and what doesn’t against other teams. A month of training camp to get ready for the season with zero preseason isn’t enough time. We have no idea what Stidham or Newton are like with this offense. Yeah, they’ve been practicing on the field with teammates, but it’s not the same against another team. The game environment is something special, and with no practices in the spring you need the reps in August.

There are so many questions with this new Patriots team. The obvious reason is because Brady is gone. Will Cam Newton gel with this offense even though Brady couldn’t last year? He is a different quarterback so we’ll see what happens. With no preseason games you have to start the veteran over Stidham Week 1 right? That would be the smart thing to do. Stidham isn’t ready anyway yet, and it would be a lot on his shoulders to start week one with no preseason.

Other Veterans Need To Step Up and Become Leaders

With the biggest leader gone how is the leadership and team bonding going to be? Everyone should be on the same page and have the same goals in mind. The McCourty’s, Slater and Hightower can provide the leadership along with Edelman. Will Newton be able to work with Belichick with no preseason and start the season off right? That’s hard to say because this is all so new to everyone. The Patriots have their work cut out for them just like everyone else. Question is will they be ready to go in Week 1?

If they get off to a slow start because of not having one or two preseason games could hurt them. Remember, when things got bad Brady bailed them out constantly. Now will someone else take that reign? Belichick can coach. He is the greatest, but he obviously doesn’t go out and execute it. It’ll be an interesting season for sure.