Post Brady-Belichick Era, Who Has More To Prove?

Post Brady-Belichick Era, Who Has More To Prove?

We’re still months away from the NFL season kicking off. And now that changes have been made, we are officially in the post Brady-Belichick era. The 6x Super Bowl quarterback has moved on to Tampa Bay to seek his 7th Lombardi trophy, while Belichick is still in New England with a younger looking squad seeking the same goal. Who has more to prove?

Tom Brady

Being that Tom Brady is going into his 21st season as a 42-year-old veteran, he’ll have a lot of doubters. This past season we’ve seen Brady struggle on offense partially due to a lack of weapons at his disposal. Nonetheless, he’s in a new town with a new fan base trying to obtain another ring. Now there’s no excuse thanks to the arrival of his old pal Rob Gronkowski, and receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

One of the things held against Brady is that he played in weak division in the AFC East. Although that’s tough to argue against, he’ll now be playing in a relatively competitive one. Now he has rivals such as Drew Brees and former MVP Matt Ryan. If Tom is able to land on top of his division this season that’ll leave fewer critics. 

Bill Belichick

On the other hand, we have the future Hall of Fame coach Bill Belichick who also had something to prove. Plenty of games Patriots fans have seen Brady pull his squad out of tough situations. Sometimes it was due to a lack of production on defense. There’s no questioning the football genius Belichick, however, Brady has bailed the team out a few times. 

Let’s not also forget the Jimmy Garrapolo debacle. Belichick was ready to move on without Brady and wanted to trade him. Thanks to the owner Robert Kraft, Jimmy G was moved to 49ers instead. Brady went on to win another Super Bowl. At the time it seemed that Belichick was wrong and Brady is still indeed elite enough to win rings. Now that the two have split, Belichick will be able to show that he could win with another quarterback.

Both Tampa Bay and New England have a promising team with weapons at the helm. The Patriots have all world cornerback Stephen Gilmore and safety Devin McCourty in the secondary. Their special teams is always on point. And the running game is more diverse than it has ever been. 

Over in Tampa Bay, Brady has all the keys he needs on offense. A reliable and young offensive line, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and two great tight ends as his toys. Brady already began to practice with players weeks ago. He seems eager to start his journey post Brady-Belichick.

In Conclusion

In no way, shape, or form does Brady or Belichick have anything to prove as far as legacy goes. The two are unquestionably the top guys to ever do it in their position. Despite the expectations on both sides, Tom Brady will have more to prove this upcoming season. He’ll be the oldest player in the NFL, and is coming off a less than stellar offensive year. Even though on Belichick’s part, last season was a pretty impressive one. But I do believe Brady will prove again to be an elite quarterback during the post Brady-Belichick era.

Feature Image Via The Boston Globe

Written by Kevin Perrington-Turner

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