Brad Marchand, Charlie McAvoy Address Media

Brad Marchand, Charlie McAvoy Address Media

Many Bruins missed Saturday’s practice for being “unfit to participate”. The list included David Pastrnak, David Krejci, Tuukka Rask and Torey Krug, among others. 

Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy were out on the ice. Both players had zoom calls with Bruins media yesterday. 

Brad Marchand

Marchand began the call by giving perspective on how the pandemic has affected everyone in and out of the NHL. 

“I think we’re fortunate enough just to be playing,” Marchand said. “You look around the world right now and what everybody’s going through. We’re fortunate to be able to do what we love to do, what we get paid to do.”

Marchand also touched on it feeling odd entering the playoffs after a four month break. While he said the atmosphere at practices are similar to training camp, Marchand is confident the Bruins will be able to mentally adjust to this unique situation. 

“We’ve always had a pretty driven and committed group, and I don’t think that’s changed at all,” he said. “I was actually really impressed with how our first few days have gone. Guys look really sharp and look like they’ve been taking care of them-self and doing what they’ve had to away from the rink to stay committed and focused.” 

Marchand also joked that he thought Pastrnak was out of practice dealing with a wicked hangover. He believes players will have an easier time staying away from COVID-19 when they enter the NHL bubble. 

Charlie McAvoy

McAvoy emphasised how important the leadership in the Bruins locker room has been during these uncertain times. 

“I think our leadership has been great,” McAvoy said. “That’s an unspoken message is just how hard everyone needs to be pushing themselves right now. I think everybody understands just how important these practices and these weeks are gonna be leading up to it.” 

McAvoy also touched on how he expects life will be in the NHL bubble. He said he thought back to his schedule last year during the playoffs, where his day revolved around that night’s contest. He mentioned how his routine will not feel that much different than last spring.

“For me, I think it’ll be fine,” McAvoy said. “I’m gonna bring my X-Box, the I-Pad, I got a few shows I gotta catch up on. But really, when you’re in that zone, and you’re just playing hockey, and you know the importance of every single game, you’re just taking care of yourself every single day.”

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