Powdered Urine Vs Synthetic Urine For Urine Drug

The purpose of a urine drug test is to detect the presence of certain drugs or prescription
medications in the urine. Alcohol can also be detected although breath tests are more
commonly used for this purpose rather than urine screening. There are several reasons why a
urine drug test may be necessary. Some reasons may include instances where a doctor needs
to confirm that a patient is having a substance abuse problem, an emergency room doctor
requests a test because a patient displays confused or dangerous behavior, or an employer
requires a drug test as a condition of employment.

Failing a urine drug test when the analysis do not have a clean result can have severely
negative consequences for your personal and professional life. While the best way is to avoid
using any substances that may have an undesirable outcome, sometimes you may be given
short notice when you know the results may not come up clean. The best way to get the results
you need to either get a new job or keep your existing job is to make use of the option of either
providing a powdered or synthetic sample of urine.

Powdered vs Synthetic Urine

A powdered pee sample actually contains real urine as opposed to synthetic urine which is
basically made from chemicals that imitate human urine. Synthetic urine looks like real human urine and can pass a drug test. However, if you are looking for a quality urine sample that will test clear, powdered urine will give you the best results needed to pass the test. Dehydrated human urine will prevent triggering an alert that the urine sample is fake as it is identical in every way to a real live urine sample. Providing a powdered urine sample is also an effective way to hide other issues such as health problems that you may not want your current or prospective employer to know about.

Synthetic urine products are a popular way of beating a drug test for many individuals who are
concerned that certain substances they have indulged in may show up on an unscheduled urine
drug test. Although there are some differences between the ingredients used by manufacturers, most brands include uric acid, naturally found in human urine, to help fool the test. However, choosing a synthetic urine product may not the best option as many states have joined ranks in calling for legislation against these substances and some have started to ban these substances
in their own states. Although synthetic urine products are currently readily available online and in certain outlets, the move to have it banned may cause it to become more scarce and difficult
to find.

The major problem with providing a synthetic urine sample is that more and more drug urine tests are now able to detect these fake substances with negative effects should you be caught out as it will reveal to an employer that you tried to scam your drug test.

Whether you use a powdered or synthetic urine sample, there are certain precautions you will
have to take to avoid being caught out. For example, you may have to be a little sneaky if you know you will be monitored or watched. You may have to premix the powdered version beforehand and hide it in a plastic bag under your clothes to discreetly slip it into the specimen cup. Powdered or synthetic urine samples provide people with a better chance to pass their urine drug tests in order to keep their jobs or successfully apply for a new one.