What Happened To The “Patriot Way”

What Happened To The “Patriot Way”

The New England Patriots have always been team above individuals, no one is bigger than the team. Belichick has preached this for decades and that’s how things have been since he’s taken over. Personally I hate the phrase “Patriot way” and always have. The way it’s been twisted and eaten up by fans has continued to aggravate me. One thing about it has been true and consistent though, and that’s how no player is bigger than the team…until now.

So Much For The Patriot Way

We have all heard that nobody is more important than the team about a million times. Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Rodney Harrison and other guys like Edelman have all won multiple championships here. Bill Belichick always kept each of them in check so to speak, not pumping their tires or making a spectacle out of one guy.

Patriots fans have elevated certain players to an almost god like level throughout the years, but never Belichick himself. So what’s changed? Why is Bill giving the thumbs up, or ignoring the New England Patriots giving Cam Newton his very own hype video? The video put out by the team has never been done before for any player, think about it. The team’s philosophy has changed.

We have had plenty of players put out their own videos, but never from the team. I want to be clear, I don’t have a problem with the team and Newton’s hype video, I’m just pointing out how out of character it is. The reasoning behind the video could be pretty simple, Tom Brady.

Let’s face it. When Tom Brady moved on and the Patriots were shoving Jarrett Stidham down everyone’s throats the team knew that the excitement level among the fans dropped significantly. Stidham has a future here, but I don’t believe Bill thinks it’s this year. He’s been talking to Newton and his camp for months now, waiting for the price to drop. So now that Cam is a Patriot and Brady is in Tampa, the “Patriot way” has been put on pause.

Newton Is Here And I’m All In

Cam Newton has brought excitement and expectations back again, and I’ve been loving every minute of it. Even through the Patriot way has changed, I don’t think it will effect the team negatively, but I do find it a bit strange. The hype video for Newton is great, it’s just not like Bill or the Pats at all. The team is adjusting to life without Tom, I think it’s as simple as that. So here is the Cam Newton video, do you think “nobody is bigger than the team” when you watch this? I certainly don’t.

Photo Courtesy: Boston Globe