Are You Prepared For The Upcoming Boston Sports Overload?

Are You Prepared For The Upcoming Boston Sports Overload?

Boston is finally on the verge of enjoying professional sports again. The Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins will be on your television in less than a month. The Patriots season is also on the horizon.

The four Boston teams are going to be competing for your eyeballs like never before. It will be fascinating seeing how fans balance so much content all exploding back into their lives. 

Here are a few dates to keep in mind. On two occasions, three teams play on the same day. The Bruins and Red Sox share a date once, while the Celtics and Red Sox partake in an activity on the same day six times. 

Bs, Cs, Sox

Sunday, August 2nd: Bruins vs. Flyers (TBD), Celtics vs. Blazers (3:30), Red Sox at Yankees (7:08)

Wednesday August 5th: Bruins vs. Lightning (TBD), Celtics vs. Nets (9:00), Red Sox at Rays (6:40)

Bs, Sox

Saturday August 8th: Bruins vs. Capitals (TBD), Red Sox vs. Blue Jays (7:30)

Cs, Sox

Friday, July 31st: Celtics vs. Bucks (6:30), Red Sox at Yankees (7:05)

Tuesday, August 4th: Celtics vs. Heat (6:30), Red Sox at Rays (6:40)

Friday, August 7th: Celtics vs. Raptors (9:00), Red Sox vs. Blue Jays (7:30)

Sunday, August 9th: Celtics vs. Magic (5:00), Red Sox vs. Blue Jays (1:35)

Tuesday, August 11th: Celtics vs. Grizzlies (6:30), Red Sox vs. Rays (7:30)

Thursday, August 13th: Celtics vs. Wizards (TBD), Red Sox vs. Rays (4:30)

Balancing your schedule

If you think that’s nuts just wait until September. The Bruins and Celtics could very easily still be alive. It’s possible the Red Sox are battling to make the postseason. Not to mention, the Post-Brady Patriot Era will officially be underway. 

I am very curious to know how sports fans, especially those in New England, will balance their sports watching. What will you value most as a fan with all these games happening in a short span?

Point in the series? Score of the game? Level of passion toward the specific team? 

I will mostly have my eyes on the Bruins and the Celtics. If they are still in the midst of a postseason run, they will be getting most of my attention. 

Then the Patriots will be next as the organization reaches a new chapter. New England will now be battling for a playoff berth, not just playoff seeding.

I will absolutely be paying attention to the Red Sox. If they have a shot at October during the last month of the season, I will be watching at least a portion of every game. 

Of course this is impossible to completely answer now. We do not know the days or times the Bruins and Celtics will have their playoff contests. However, sports fans are going to experience a two month plus stretch like they have never seen before and will never see again. It will be hectic, stressful, memorable, and hopefully for Boston, joyful. 

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