Ty Anderson Is Taking A Mental Health Leave From The Sports Hub

Ty Anderson Is Taking A Mental Health Leave From The Sports Hub

Ty Anderson, who covers the Bruins and more at 98.5 The Sports Hub, will be taking a break from the station to deal with his mental health. Early Thursday morning, Anderson tweeted out three messages explaining his situation. He is generally active on Twitter, but these were his first posts since July 2nd. 

“Hi. I’m not good with this and don’t love sharing this stuff with strangers but I want to be honest,” Anderson tweeted. “I’ve been really, really depressed lately for about a month+. Probably the most intense feelings and constant sense of dread I can remember facing. Not fun! Not having a good time!” 

“I don’t have the answers to literally anything,” Anderson also tweeted out. “But especially not this. So I’m gonna take some time and just try to commit to a more balanced lifestyle, get my mind right, and get good for myself and everyone. So like Magic said, I’m not gonna be here (for a little while).” 

In his last message on the matter, Anderson said people can still read his work on The Sports Hub’s website. He added he is hopeful to return once the NHL restarts their season. 

It took a lot of guts for Anderson to come forward and share what is really going on in his life. Mental health struggles can be a tough topic to bring up to loved ones, let alone sharing on social media. It can be a lot easier to shrug and say, “I’m fine.”

However, as hard as it is to be honest about these problems, it can be incredibly helpful to let out your feelings. Oftentimes keeping them bottled up only causes the pain to increase. Being open about your mental health can be very rewarding.

Hopefully Anderson gets through these hard times and comes back in a better state. I hope for this not just as someone who enjoys his content but as someone who cares about him as a person. 

During the spring of 2019, I direct messaged Ty asking to write a profile on him for a class assignment. He responded that day and said he would be able to do that. 

From there on, I met up with him a few times for interviews and to observe him doing his job. I made multiple trips to The Sports Hub studios over the course of a few weeks. Along with interviewing him, I was with him as he watched a Bruins vs. Lightning game, co-hosted a radio show during the Bruins vs. Maple Leafs series, and joined Mike Felger for a Facebook live event. 

He gave me a lot of fantastic details on how he covers the Bruins, his upbringing, and his journey to 98.5. He met with me quite a few times during probably his busiest time of year. 

Not to mention Ty really went above and beyond during my time with him for the feature. He gave terrific insight on the sports media profession and advice on making it in the business. As if he did not do enough, he even drove me back to Boston University’s campus on more than one occasion. 

What I really cannot thank Ty enough for is how he treated me. I was just a college kid with an assignment to do. But he gave me the same level respect he would give a fellow colleague on the Bruins beat. He made me feel like an equal in the business.

I decided to publish Ty’s story on our Boston University sports website WTBU. Ty quote-tweeted the story twice, boosting the page views to the most read post in the website’s history, at the time. Again, something he was certainly not obligated to do. 

That is the kind of person Ty Anderson is. Really hoping he gets better during his break.

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