Cam Newton Is Starting For The Patriots

Cam Newton Is Starting For The Patriots

Cam Newton did not become a Patriot to be a backup. He is the starting quarterback for the Patriots. He won’t and can’t get cut unless he gets hurt. If he does get benched for Stidham, or cut in training camp, I agree with Jim Murray of 98.5 the Sports Hub the mob will be at Gillette Stadium. Newton isn’t only here because Stidham needs more time, but with everything going on it’s smart to bring Newton in. Stidham and Newton are both running quarterbacks, so Stidham can gain experience watching a veteran in the pocket. The pressure is also off Stidham because he isn’t replacing the GOAT, he’ll be replacing Newton instead. The Patriots like Stidham. He’s just not ready yet, Garoppolo wasn’t ready his second year either. Newton will make the Patriots offense better, and his running ability brings a different aspect than 20 years of Brady.

Cam Newton isn’t sitting the Bench

The Patriots are hyping up Cam Newton like he’s the starter already. They announced the signing, released a video, and released a article on his charity work. He’s here for the full year unless he gets hurt and everyone sees it. They will go with three quarterbacks and make the best of it. Cam Newton adds the voice and leadership they are missing with the loss of Brady. Newton, along with Slater, Devin McCourty and Hightower, can provide the leadership in the locker room.

Newton is total opposite of Brady in how he plays the game and probably more like Stidham. We haven’t seen much of Stidham, but hopefully more maybe this season. Newton has something to prove. The workout videos and quotes he is giving prove that. It’s not about the money, it’s about the opportunity for Newton. The season will be entertaining for sure with Newton on the team. Don’t worry, he won’t get cut in training camp. Newton is here to win a Super Bowl then go out and get his $30 Million somewhere next year. As for Stidham, it’s another year of learning and growing to become the next Patriots quarterback for the foreseeable future.