Reflection Of McCoy Stadium

Reflection Of McCoy Stadium

The Door Leading To The Hallway Where The PawSox Clubhouse is

McCoy Stadium will soon be a thing of the past for the Pawtucket Red Sox. For me it’s sad that they are moving to Worcestor, but also that the Pawsox couldn’t have a farewell season. My first baseball game ever was at McCoy, probably when I was five sitting in Section 7 behind home plate with my Grandmother. My Grandfather worked security at the Pawsox clubhouse, so after the games I would head down there and meet the players.

The Desk Outside The PawSox Locker room where my Papa sat.

The Pawsox Will Be Missed

McCoy is probably where I first fell in love with baseball. Espically when I got to meet players that could get called up to Boston soon, like Nomar Garciaparra, Trot Nixon, John Valentin, Scott Hatteberg, and more! We’d have traditions when we go to games too. My Grandmother and I would get a doughboy in the fourth inning, run the bases every Sunday after a home game, and always get a hot dog and french fries. During the renovation of McCoy in 1999, it was cool to see the new McCoy Stadium take shape. They added seats, had grass in left field and moved the tent to the first base side. They added Paws the Mascot and Sox a few years later.

My Papa In His Uniform

Pawtucket’s ‘Field Of Dremas’ McCoy Stadium

My favorite event at McCoy and of all time sporting event was the 2004 Triple-A All Star Game. My grandfather retired from his security job in 2000, but was able to get tickets to this event. This once in a lifetime opportunity was something I’ll always remember. My grandfather had tickets for himself, my uncle, cousin, my dad, and I. It was in Section 7 right behind home plate. Monday night was a home run derby between the Pesky’s and the Dimaggio’s. Celebrities and past players joined the home run derby event. I think Spaceman Bill Lee won he was on the DiMaggio’s team. Johnny Pesky, Dom DiMaggio, and Bobby Doerr came out to a standing ovation. James Earl Jones was there and called Mc.Coy Pawtucket’s “Field Of Dreams.”

Last PawSox Game

My final game at McCoy was last year seeing Tim Tebow play. I didn’t know at the time it would be my final game, but I’m glad I was able to go. McCoy will be missed for the games, fireworks, family atmosphere, and free parking. Sadly all good things come to an end, and whatever is next for McCoy I hope baseball is played there soon by another team.