Mike Felger: Felger & Mazz Treat Everyone poorly

Mike Felger: Felger & Mazz Treat Everyone poorly

Earlier this week, Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti discussed Cam Newton’s celebratory ways coming to New England. 

Original Comments

“Like even something as simple and seemingly innocuous as the dabbing, the Supermaning,” Felger said on Felger & Mazz. “All the celebrating and the showboating on the field, they don’t want you doing that here.” 

Felger & Mazz continued discussing if Bill Belichick would tolerate Newton’s celebrating. Funhouse, a Twitter account known for sharing embarrassing clips of Mike Francesa, posted the viral clip.


The conversation got plenty of attention both in and out of New England. The segment even became fodder for ESPN’s First Take. Some viewed the comments as racist and insensitive.

Felger believed his comments were not racially motivated.

Addressing the Comments

“Being the starting quarterback for the six time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots is going to come with a high level of scrutiny, and criticism, and magnifying glass,” Felger said. “Are you going to turn around anytime someone puts that magnifying glass on Cam Newton and call him a racist?”

Felger then mentioned their show was very critical of Tom Brady both on and off the field. 

“Everything is on the table with Tom Brady. If I do the same with Cam Newton are you going to try and get me fired?” 

Same Standard

That is a very poignant and real question. We can argue all day if Felger’s opinions were correct or not. However, the comments were not made because of Newton’s skin color.

They did not hold back for the decade plus their show aired with Brady as the Patriots starting quarterback. Felger & Mazz are certainly not going to start easing back their commentary. Stirring the pot with controversial sports opinions drives their show. 

You might disagree with their stances on celebrations, but they were not racist. They have always tried to look at sports from a contrarian angle. That show has made a living criticizing players of all races, personalities, and skill sets. As Felger said, “Felger and Mazz treat everyone poorly.”

Story by Chad Jones

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