Top Head Coaches This Season Who Were Under Bill Belichick

Top Head Coaches This Season Who Were Under Bill Belichick

Very few will argue that Bill Belichick isn’t one of the best NFL head coaches of all-time. His assistants/players have ended up becoming head coaches in the process. Just goes to show how much the greatness of him has rubbed on the rest of the NFL. They adopt his strategies and take people from his camp.

With this upcoming season, there will be four head coaches that was once under Belichick in some way. According to CBS Sports, Belichick is 14-13 against former players/assistants as a head coach. While some teams have higher expectations then others, nonetheless, it’s an impressive accomplishment for Belichick. 

Tennessee Titans Mike Vrabel is the first that comes to mind when thinking of head coaches in the NFL today. He made waves last season during his playoff run. His ball club was ultimately stopped by the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. However, Vrabel’s hard-nose, smash-mouth style of football made it hard for other teams to adjust. 

Vrabel played eight years under Belichick as linebacker, winning three Super Bowls as a player. There he would learn the importance of defense and the importance of doing your job. Last year we saw Vrabel’s Titans actually beat his former coach in the wild card round to advance.

He may not have been an NFL player, but head coach Bill O’Brien has an impressive resume. Currently the Houston Texans head coach, O’Brien was also under Belichick as an offensive assistant. He also was wide receivers coach, quarterbacks coach, and a offensive coordinator while in New England. 

As a head coach in the NFL O’Brien is 54-48, but 0-5 against Belichick. O’Brien hasn’t been able to make it out the Divisional round. However he has won four AFC South titles, and has made multiple playoff appearances. This following season we’ll see how he fairs. 

I believe the most notable to New England fans is current Lions head coach Matt Patricia. Patricia was on the Patriots sideline for over a decade, most notably as a defensive coordinator. He won three Super Bowls with Belichick, and now creating his own legacy in Detroit. 

As a head coach he’s at a somber 9-22 record in just two seasons. But given the lack of talent, his upside as a leader is still high. Within those nine wins, one of them was against his former boss Belichick. It’s unfair to judge Patricia off these past two seasons, so look to see what he can do this upcoming one. 

The newest addition to the tree is Miami Dolphin’s Brian Flores. The Brooklyn native was in the New England organization for a decade, winning four Super Bowls. While there he was switching roles and learning more about the game under Belichick. He finally got his chance as a head coach last season, and he didn’t disappoint. 

Although last in the AFC East with a 5-11 record, fans in Miami have much to look forward to. Flores won a last play upset against the Patriots last season. He’s developing a young and hungry team with a loyal fan base. 

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