Schedule Prediction For New England’s Regular Season

Schedule Prediction For New England’s Regular Season

Now with new edition Cam Newton on the team, New England Patriots fans are hyped. Sports Host, Colin Cowherd, schedule prediction for the Patriots season was a fair 9-7 record. The 2020-2021 season looks more optimistic for Bill Belichick and his team. Whether Newton will start Week 1 is still up for air. But with the new changes made, it’s only right to make a prediction of my own.

Week 1: vs Miami Dolphins: W

The Patriots typically have no issue in their home opener, winning the last five. They hold the most in the league in NFL history. While Miami will most likely be a solid team, Week 1 will show some issues for them.

Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks: L

Superstar Russell Wilson is still in his prime. Whether or not Stidham or Cam is starting, the lack of communication will still be there on offense. Wilson is tremendous at home, and New England will still be learning to gel together at this time. 

Week 3: vs Oakland Raiders: W

Oakland is still trying to figure themselves out as a team. Their lack of weapons and experience will definitely be a factor. New England’s defense will be good on the road. The running core will wear down on the Oakland defense, giving New England the win.

Week 4: at Kansas City Chiefs: L

The reigning Super Bowl Champions will still have the core group on offense and defense from last year. Also, Belichick doesn’t typically have issues facing other coaches, but when he does, it’s with Andy Reid.

Week 5: vs Denver Broncos: W

Home field advantage will play a huge role in this game. With a great secondary in New England, the Broncos will be forced to go to the running game. If that can be stopped, the Patriots may sail past Denver in a home win.

Week 6: Bye

Week 7: vs San Francisco 49ers: W

This is an unpopular opinion. However, at this point of the season, New England has everything going for them. This will be a home game, their coming off a bye week, and they know Jimmy Garoppolo’s game very well. According to NBC Sports, Belichick is 14-5 after the bye. It may be a tough game, but if it’s close, I have the Patriots defense pulling it out.

Week 8: at Buffalo Bills: L

Buffalo will be a better team than last year. This is scary for the Patriots and the AFC East. In a away game, I see the Bills pulling this one out. Halfway through the season, and the schedule prediction is at 4-4.

Week 9: at New York Jets: W

Although improving, the Jets don’t have enough experience to beat Belichick’s team just yet. But it may be close for most of the game .

Week 10: vs Baltimore Ravens: L

Against the current MVP of the NFL, the Patriots still might have no answer for the Ravens arsenal. Although they may be home, a stretch of two away games will wear down on the team, ultimately losing this one.

Week 11: at Houston Texans: W

According to Belichick is 5-0 against Bill O’brien. Point. Blank. Period. Houston has impressive players on their squad, but can’t get it right in big games. 

Week 12: vs Arizona Cardinals: W

Although Arizona is a young team with a lot of upside, New England’s secondary will take control. Add in the running game and home field advantage and you may have a blowout. 

Week 13: at Los Angeles Chargers: L

This game will be more interesting than some may think. Yes, Tyrod Taylor at quarterback gives Chargers a sketchy offense. But with the pass rush, Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler may be too much for the Patriots on the road.

Week 14: at Los Angeles Rams: L

Although it’s December at this point, this will be a tough stretch for New England. The Rams still have a lot of weapons. Look to see them avenge their loss in the Super Bowl from a few years ago.

Week 15: at Miami Dolphins: W

New England typically has issues in Miami in recent years. Nonethless, it’s December and I don’t believe Belichick’s team will ever lose three in a row.

Week 16: vs Buffalo Bills: W

At this point of the season I believe Cam Newton will be playing. The offense will be gelling. And this game will be no problem. 

Week 17: vs New York Jets: W

The Patriots will look to end the season on a winning streak. This game will most likely be to win the AFC East. Watch to see the Patriots playing this game with a chip on their shoulder. 

Leaving the schedule prediction 10-6, the Patriots will win the AFC East and land a spot in the playoffs.

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