Bill Belichick Wins Again

Bill Belichick Wins Again

After Tom Brady went to Tampa the talk was around Jarrett Stidham. They didn’t draft a quarterback in the draft, they signed Brian Hoyer but he is a career backup. Belichick hyped Stidham and his work ethic. Stidham was working with Edelman and other teammates before training camp, but now that has stopped. The NFLPA advised players not to work together until training camp to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, on Sunday night Belichick signed Cam Newton to the Patriots, and all of a sudden they are Super Bowl contenders.

Belichick brings in Newton as competition for Jarrett Stidham. Having a veteran in the locker room like Newton could be good for Stidham’s growth in the league. Who knows, Stidham could win the job when Week 1 kicks off. Belichick knows what he’s doing bringing Newton in. He could work with Devin Mc.Courty, Matthew Slater, Dont’a Hightower, James White, and Julian Edelman to be the voice of the locker room. With Brady gone and this crazy world we live in the Patriots need as much leadership they can get.

Belichick makes the Patriots better with Newton no doubt. But also all the attention is on them again too. Players around the NFL praised Belichick for bringing in Newton and giving him a chance. Newton and Stidham have similarities because they both run if they are under pressure. Newton could be a role model for Stidham as a quarterback. If it works Belichick is a hero, and if it doesn’t Stidham gets his shot with a little more experience. There was no off season workouts until training camp. Stidham may not be ready to takeover just yet.

I personally think Stidham has the chance to beat Newton. However, Newton is not going to want to sit the bench. He isn’t Brian Hoyer, he’s a league MVP. He’s injury prone but if he’s healthy enough to keep going then he deserves a shot. Only Belichick would bring in someone who has a total opposite personally than Brady. He is going to have to learn the Patriot Way quickly, say less and prove it on the field. As for Stidham, just keep working and ignore the noise.