Boras Clients Vs Rank And File – Who Wins? Find Out At 5PM

Boras Clients Vs Rank And File – Who Wins? Find Out At 5PM

Today at 5pm the MLBPA will vote up or down on MLB’s last best deal. According to Jeff Passan, the deal is for 60 games, with the option to cancel expanded playoffs and the universal DH if a full season is not played in 2020. Most of the public cries against the deal have come from Scott Boras clients. These include Blake Snell and Max Scherzer. But Boras only represents around 175 clients. There are approximately 1200 total members of the MLBPA. This vote will come down to Boras clients vs the rank and file.


There has been a surge in Covid-19 cases in many parts of the country. Particularly in Florida and Arizona. It is possible that a majority of Major Leaguers have woken up to the fact that this disease is serious, and playing in stadiums with no fans is almost a fait accompli. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll decide that fighting for every last dollar in 2020 is not the most important thing, but having a job at all is.

As it stands we’ll know soon if Boras holds sway or not. Let’s hope common sense prevails and we can start preparing for a season in earnest.