Over 100 Days Without Boston Sports (Part 2)

Over 100 Days Without Boston Sports (Part 2)

A spring without Bruins and Celtics postseason games has stung. A Boston summer without the Sox seems practically un-American. But right alongside the actual games, the lack of anticipation is also disheartening.

With all the stresses that come along in life, it was so nice knowing that at 7 o’clock a great source of entertainment would be on for a couple hours. Television, movies, music does not give you the same kind of consistency sports provides. 

Which is why, try as we might, fans can only attempt so many alternatives to get their sports kick. 

Watching old games works fine for some. Boston has so many classic wins to choose from. It is almost like picking a document from the Library of Congress. Flipping on a Larry Bird triple double or Tom Brady game-winning drive can definitely help ease your craving for sports content. 

There are also plenty of sports documentaries to keep you occupied. The Last Dance seemed to be the only new sports content anyone cared about for months. Many Boston sports documentaries, both on a local and national level, are out there as well. 

However, try as we might, there is no substitute for live sporting events. I do not know about you, but I have gone through stretches where the lack of sports hit particularity hard.

This weekend has been an especially low point. It might be because the 100 day mark has been hit. It could be due to all of these NBA and NHL championship anniversaries. Maybe it is because baseball cannot get out of its own way. I am not sure. What I do know is I just want sports back. 

The sports world has not seen anything like this before. It has challenged players, commissioners, leagues, media, and fans in ways we could have never anticipated. As frustrating as it is now, sports fans can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Think about how unbelievably appreciative we will all feel once we see the first puck drop and tip off in five months. We will never take sports for granted again. It will relight our fires in ways we never could have imagined.

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