Over 100 days Without Boston Sports (Part 1)

Over 100 days Without Boston Sports (Part 1)

March 10th was the last time New England enjoyed a night of Boston sports. 103 days ago the Celtics pulled off a win in Indiana and the Bruins shut out the Flyers in Philadelphia. 103 days… let that sink in.

That is how long Boston fans have gone without watching a Jayson Tatum step back or David Pastrnak snipe. And as much as sports fans miss the memorable moments, what really stands out is how schedules have changed. 

One of the best things about being a sports fan is that there is always something coming up on the calendar. Other than the few summer evenings around the ESPYs, any given day has sports on. 

Obviously there are many different categories these games fall into. Some need are in another ranking all together; events. Patriot games, Bruins and Celtics postseason match-ups, Red Sox on Patriots Day come to mind. 

And as much as Boston sports fans, as well as fans across the county miss these “can’t miss games”, there is a hole for the mundane as well. 

The grind of the NHL, NBA, and MLB regular seasons is real. Since there are so many games each week, it can seem pointless to get ramped up for one of 162 ,or even one of 82. Absolutely understandable. But the more you watch, the greater connection you feel to the team. 

You start to appreciate the subtle way Patrice Bergeron plays in his own zone. Fans start to notice more of Jaylen Brown’s growth in the offensive system. You start to realize how good Xander Boagerts has become at moving to his right. 

Are these the most exciting discoveries in the world? No, far from it. Are they anecdotes you tell your kids about? Unlikely. But you sure as hell miss when they stop being a part of your life. 

(Part 1 of 2)

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