Lucky 13? Time Is Just Right For Celtics-Lakers Finals Rematch

Lucky 13? Time Is Just Right For Celtics-Lakers Finals Rematch

If we get the NBA back, we could be in for something special.The NBA is ahead of the curve compared to the other leagues, but nothing is certain right now. If there is indeed a full tournament in Orlando eventually, a Celtics and Lakers Finals is plausible.The C’s and Lakers have met 12 times in the NBA Finals. In a year that’s been anything but ordinary, lucky number 13 could be the most memorable of all.

Obviously most of us weren’t around for those six matchups in the 60’s. The 80’s matchups only resonate with those of a certain age (40+). The 2008 and 2010 NBA Finals were both extremely memorable for good and bad reasons.

Best Of All Time?

This year I believe the matchup would be the most significant one in the entire series.

Think about the gravity of our current predicament. We have the pandemic, Kobe’s death and now a social uprising. Maybe on the court it wouldn’t be the best of the bunch, but its significance would mean more than ever.

There will always be eyes on a Celtics and Lakers matchup. However, a 2020 NBA Finals could easily be the most watched Finals of all time. I also believe the players would be more active outside of the game than ever as well.

Players have turned their platform into a positive voice for change, even with Kyrie Irving trying to sabotage everything. The NBA can put these guys in the ultimate public eye of the NBA Finals during the movement. It’s best case scenario for anyone looking for world wide change.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson captivated an audience in the 80’s. Both 2000’s team had some real pull, but a 2020 Finals with the ability to loudly and proudly continue the BLM movement AND honor Kobe Bryant multiple times on the biggest stage is ideal.

What better way to honor Kobe?

At the time Kobe’s death had an incredible impact on everyone. Unfortunately, once the pandemic hit it feels like it was unknowingly moved to the back burner. The entire NBA family, including those late 2000’s Celtic players, have adamantly expressed their love for Kobe.

Imagine what an honor it would be for the franchises to stage another epic championship matchup in this unprecedented year. If anyone would’ve appreciated this matchup now more than ever you’ve got to think it’d be Kobe watching from above.

Although I wasn’t around for it you’re probably never going to recreate the buzz of the 80’s. Celtics vs Lakers was something that the entire world latched on to. The NBA got that back a bit with Warriors and Cavs, but it’s obviously not the same. A 13th Celtics and Lakers matchup is exactly what the NBA needs right now.

Not just the NBA, but sports fans in general. Everyone is clamoring for anything live, but the buzz around a 2020 Finals can’t be overstated. Players want to do more than just play basketball right now. An audience for Boston and LA in 2020 is exactly what they need.