Julian Edelman Will Dominate

Julian Edelman Will Dominate

This will be the first time in Julian Edelman’s career that Brady won’t be throwing him the football. If you think he’s still crying about Brady and Gronk leaving for Tampa you are wrong. Edelman is more motivated because people are saying he’s just a product of Brady is getting to him. The Patriots are the best at being the underdog, and when people doubt them the Patriots seem to prove them wrong. He wants to prove he isn’t just a product of Brady, he can actually play receiver well and should have a good season with Stidham as the quarterback.

Edelman is not a product of Brady

Edelman has to be the most important player on the Patriots offense now that Brady is gone. His voice, leadership, and drive has to be felt throughout the whole team. Don’t be surprised to see Edelman put up some big numbers this season to prove people wrong. He has been fairly quiet since Brady has gone to Tampa, but don’t think he will just quit. If Belichick thought that Edelman wouldn’t be a Patriot he would’ve been traded. No doubt that with Brady gone some veterans will need to be the voice in the locker room, and Edelman will be that voice.

The pressure hasn’t been this much on Edelman heading into a season until now. He’s working with a new quarterback who has the same receivers from a year ago. Edelman working with Stidham is a great sign, even though there are no OTA’s. Training camp starts on July 28th and that’s when we’ll get the first glimpse at the new look Patriots. There are a lot of questions leading up to training camp and the season, but they are still the best at being prepared and doing the right thing.