Why NOW is the best time to try an online casino

Why NOW is the best time to try an online casino

The world of online casino gaming has gone into overdrive recently. Given the reduction or cancellation of pro sports around the world due to COVID-19, the gambling industry has seen a shift away from sports betting to other forms of gaming.

As lockdowns start to ease, online casinos are keen to keep hold of those new customers who started playing recently and to continue to attract more new players. As well as making their sites easy to use and fun to play, casinos are offering some of the best deals ever seen to entice new players to give them a try and to stick around.

Choose quality casinos

Of course, not all casinos offer a high-quality experience, and with so many trying to win your business it’s difficult to judge just by appearances.

There are several online casino review and comparison sites that can help to sort the wheat from the chaff. There are two types available – those who host customer reviews and ratings similar to how Amazon operates, and those who are run by a team who go out and cherry-pick the best based on review criteria, more like Consumer Reports or Good Housekeeping.

It goes without saying that you should never play at a casino that isn’t regulated. Most countries have their own casino regulator, but some are seen as being more prestigious and offering more protection than others. These include the Gambling Commission of the UK, Gibraltar’s Gaming Commissioner, and the Maltese Gambling Authority.

Choose a great bonus

So, once you’ve made your shortlist of good quality casinos you’ll need to find the best casinos online with bonus offers you can take advantage of!

Again, online review sites are your friend here. These sites make their money by earning a small fee for new players who sign up using the links on their pages. Because it’s in the casinos’ interests for those sites to do well, they often give them access to their very best offers. The two best bonuses you should look for are:

Free spins bonuses: these will give you a number of free spins on one or more casino slots in exchange for doing something. Usually, it’s making your first cash deposit, but sometimes it can be just for creating a free account. These are called “free spin, no deposit, no wager” bonuses and are the holy grail of casino offers as they require no expenditure on your part at all.

Matched deposit bonuses: these are rewards for making a cash deposit and are usually limited to your first time (although some casino’s offer a staged bonus, giving you some matches on your first few deposits). The casino will match the amount you place into your account, up to a certain limit.

Now’s the Time

There are more top bonuses on offer than ever before, and the most prestigious casinos have entered a bidding war to get new players signed up. So whether online slots are your thing, or you’re a fan of video poker, or a traditionalist who wants to play some blackjack or roulette, now really is one of the best times to give it a go.