Patriots Training Camp Should Include Fans

Patriots Training Camp Should Include Fans

We can finally say football is right around the corner. Players are having virtual meeting and private workout sessions during the pandemic. With nobody able to access Gillette Stadium that could soon be coming to an end, as training camp begins July 28th. When Patriots training camp does start it should be open to the fans to attend with no autographs after practice. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. People can wear a mask stand on the grass to watch the team practice. It also gives fans something to look forward to. If fans aren’t allowed at Patriots training camp then they should start a protest.

Fans should be at Gillette Stadium in July

It’s a new era for the Patriots and it’s been an interesting off-season. With Jarrett Stidham the likely starter for 2020 it will be cool to see how he does during camp. It’s a good atmosphere for fans too. With Brady gone there’ll probably be less people attending anyway. People can observe the social distancing protocols while the team practices. There really is no reason why they shouldn’t be open to the public. People can now start to go to the beach again, or even sit outside at a restaurant. Why couldn’t people watch their favorite football team practice for two hours in the morning?

It would give fans something to do other than being at home watching the news. The Covid-19 numbers are down and seems like it will be for some time. I know I wouldn’t be happy if fans weren’t allowed to stand on the grass to watch the Patriots practice. We are allowed to do other things, but not watch a six time Championship football team begin training camp?

It should be up to the teams to decide if they should allow fans at training camp. Robert Kraft would want that I’m sure, even if it’s at limited capacity it just gives people hope that sports are coming back. Again, no autographs, probably no sitting on the bleachers, and no kid games in the parking lot. Everyone wears a mask and stands on the grass.