MLB To MLBPA: Take It Or Leave It

MLB To MLBPA: Take It Or Leave It

Rob Manfred and MLB have decided enough is enough.

That best offer is as follows:

76 Games, $989 Million, with an additional $443 Million if there are playoffs with no draft pick compensation attached to free agent deals. Or….

48 Games, $1.03 Billion, no additional for the playoffs.

This boils down to a 50% pay cut on prorated salaries plus a playoff bonus. Players have never received a true share of the playoffs in their contracts. With the playoff bonus it pushed them to approximately 75% of prorated salaries. The offer also includes an expanded playoffs of some sort, likely an additional eight teams per league.

The players are holding firm at 100% of prorated salaries based on the March agreement. The problem there is those prorated salaries included fans in the stands, which is still extremely unlikely.

MLB is laying the hammer down here with what appears to be a very generous offer. Of course, no one knows what the owners are actually making other than the owners themselves. But this does put public pressure on the players to accept, seeing as there’s 20 million people out of work and all.