Dave Portnoy: “Goodell is a coward”

Dave Portnoy: “Goodell is a coward”

Dave Portnoy was denied the chance to watch a Monday Night Football game with Roger Godell. The President of Barstool Sports was the highest bidder for an NFL charity auction with a $250,000 donation. Portnoy won the right to enjoy a MNF game with Godell in the commissioner’s man cave. Despite Portnoy winning the prize, the league intervened.

The NFL is redacting Portnoy’s prize. In the league’s eyes, he failed to meet the requirements of their criminal background check. This is certainly not the first time Portnoy and the NFL have sparred.

Portnoy, along with three other Barstool Sports employees, were arrested at the NFL headquarters in 2015. They were protesting Tom Brady’s suspension for his alleged role in the “Deflategate” saga.

Another episode occurred in 2019, when stadium security also removed him from the stands during Super Bowl LIII. The NFL prohibited Portnoy from attending the game, but he was able to get inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

After learning the news, Portnoy took to Twitter to voice his displeasure

“So Goodell’s out, and we knew it was gonna happen,” Portnoy said in his “Emergency Press Conference” Twitter video. “You have cowards, you have mega cowards, and then you have Roger Goodell.” 

Portnoy then highlighted that he never believed Goodell was going to have fun with the situation. 

“I’ve told everybody, Roger Goddell has no self awareness, no sense of humor, doesn’t know how to deal with a brain like this,” Portnoy said. “He’s the least funny human of all time, he’s a yes man, he’s a puppet, and he’s a coward.” 

So instead of squashing this beef once and for all, Goodell chose to add more fuel to the fire. He could have had some laughs with Portnoy at his own expense. It would have been a brilliant public relations maneuver. He could have accomplished something he has yet to do as head of the NFL; be a relatable, normal person. 

Now he is right back to being public enemy Number 1 in the Barstool Sports universe. It would be wise for Barstool to print more of those turquoise clown t-shirts.

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