Boston Celtics 2020 Playoff Bound

Boston Celtics 2020 Playoff Bound

Season as it stands at the moment

The NBA season has been on hold since mid-March due to COVID-19. It has been 2.5 months since we last saw players and coaches in a regular season game. The entire league has questions to answer with this global pandemic hitting the world by storm. Health and safety concerns of everyone comes first, basketball comes second. Sources have said that late-July games could be held in bubble cities such as Orlando or Las Vegas.

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Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum and Robert Williams

Whats Next?

What does this mean for the Boston Celtics? Well Boston sits third in the Eastern Conference standings behind the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors. The Celtics have (43) wins and (21) losses on the season. Team chemistry has been a big difference unlike the past two previous seasons. It all started last summer when the Celtics signed point guard Kemba Walker to a four-year $141 Million contract to bring a veteran leadership to the locker room. Meanwhile Kyrie Irving chose to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Kemba has good leadership skills dating back to his college days at the University of Connecticut, and also with the Charlotte Hornets. General Manager Danny Ainge built this team with good character players willing to help one another grow. It took some time, but Ainge had a vision for a young core to be competitive and successful throughout the years that is coming to fruition. Adding to that, it is a huge plus having Brad Stevens as your coach. He has taught younger players how to play the game correctly and help them in the right direction. Players such as Jaylen Brown (20.4 PPG), Jayson Tatum(23.6 PPG), Marcus Smart(13.5 PPG), along with Kemba (21.2 PPG) have played as a solid unit on the court.

Celtics going forward

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Enes Kanter, Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker

Boston is a good position to compete with the top teams in the East and fight hard to the end. The Celtics have a young talented core to keep pace with the best of the best in the league. The C’s are a team that people should keeps a close eye on heading into the post season. Having a talented, young, successful players coach like Brad Stevens has the organization going in the right direction.

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