If Teams Can Expand Rosters, Who Should Boston Call Up?

If Teams Can Expand Rosters, Who Should Boston Call Up?

Given the fact the AHL season was cut short due to COVID-19, there has been a lot of talk of an expanded roster being a possibility for teams who make the 24 team playoff format. Injuries will still exist, and if a player manages to test positive for the virus, that player would then have to be replaced in some way shape or form. Expanded rosters seem like a good way to ensure that teams don’t end up short a guy. If roster are indeed expanded, who should the Boston Bruins call up from Providence?

No time for a tryout

Perhaps at the end of this season we might look back at these games and see it as a “Tryout” for certain players who might make the big league roster next season. But there is no reason or way that any player called up from Providence will be called up just to see what he can do. That’s what the regular season is for. Anybody called up will be called up because he can help contribute to the team and make the team better if his number is called. Whether it be offensively or defensively, somebody who can help move the puck, or somebody who can help the team score. Anybody called up will be somebody who the Bruins know can contribute.

Adding to the arsenal?

One thing that could get a player called up from Providence would be his ability to help the team score. Whether it be by passing to set up a goal or scoring the goal, offensive firepower in any form will only help make the Bruins a more dangerous team. Jack Studnicka and Paul Carey are the two players that come to mind when thinking of players who can help the Bruins offensively. Studnicka lead the team with 49 points in 60 games played. 23 goals and 26 assists made Studnicka the team leader in those stats as well. Team captain Paul Carey wasn’t far behind with 39 points consisting of 22 goals and 17 assists. Studnicka is definitely more of a goal scoring type, and is surely the biggest goal scoring threat on the team. He is also a very good passer and play maker. If the Bruins look to add some offensive weapons, my guess is that Jack Studnicka and Paul Carey get the call in that order. I think Jack Studnicka is the safest of bets on a guy who for sure gets the call.

Defense wins championships

Urho Vaakanainen and Steven Kampfer are the two names to look for here. Two guys that have gotten time in Boston during the regular season, and two guys who have both shown good upside during that time. Kampfer is more of the ol’ reliable kind of guy. Vaakanainen is the younger guy with a high ceiling. Vaakanainen also brings more of an offensive threat which is one thing that could give him a small edge when it comes down to who the Bruins might decide on. A guy like Trent Frederic could get the call as he is pretty damn good defensively as a forward. He also brings a small offensive threat and can hold his own when dropping the gloves. Definitely some things that will catch the eye of the Bruins front office when they decide on who to call up.

Big time players make big time plays

In the end the Bruins are going to call up whatever players that they feel could possibly fill a hole on the team. Offensively, defensively, or perhaps even a goaltender for emergency purposes. In which case Dan Vladar would undoubtedly be the guy. The Bruins will call up the most well rounded players as this is no time to let opposing teams reveal holes in any players game. The common theme in the players who might get called up will be guys who can make plays on either end or any spot on the ice.

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