Value Bets In Soccer Betting Explained

Value Bets In Soccer Betting Explained

Soccer betting has a lot of terminology to understand. Anyone who is new to betting on the big game might find there are plenty of terms they are unfamiliar with.

Value bets could be one of them. Value is key when it comes to soccer betting. But what does value betting mean? Read on to find out!

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What Does Value Bets Mean In Soccer Betting?

In football betting, value has a similar meaning to in everyday life. Good value is similar to getting a bargain. Value bets relates to the odds that are offered by bookies in soccer betting.

Odds – which are sometimes referred to as prices – tell players how much they can win. For example, betting at 1/2 in odds means that for every two of your currency you stake, you get one back, plus your stake, if you win.

High-value odds are those considered to be generous. Perhaps most sports bookies offering 4/9 on a particular event happening in a match. And maybe another has gone with a price of 4/7. Odds of 4/7 would be considered better value as they pay more potential profit to the player.

When discussing bets, it might be common to hear something like “There is no value with Manchester United at that price”. This would mean the odds are too small to be taken.

On the other hand, someone might say “Chelsea’s price for this game is value”, which means the price is longer than might have been expected.

But why does value bets matter in soccer betting anyway? Let’s take a look.

Why Does Value Bets Matter In Soccer Betting?

Betting odds matter a great deal in soccer betting as they determine how much you can win on a bet. Taking a wager at higher odds means there is more potential profit to be made. Essentially, good value odds increase the amount of money that goes into your pocket at the end of the day.

Value is also important to consider when deciding what to bet on. You might fancy a team to win a particular match, perhaps as they are in good form. But if their odds are shorter than you expect, then the price might not be good value. In this example, you might not place the bet.

But if the odds on offer are larger than anticipated, this could mean the price is good value. This can prove to be quite tempting when browsing soccer betting options for the big game.

Bookies retain what is known as a ‘house edge’ in betting at all times. This is usually set at around the five per cent mark, though some are more generous than others. But finding value in the odds offered can help to cut the house edge retained by the sports bookies.

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How to find the best value bets in soccer betting

So now you know what value bets are in soccer betting, what do you need to do to find them? Partly this is a matter of instinct. If a price feels as though it is too low, then it probably is. By the same token, if odds seem to be too generous, then they might well be good value.

Comparing betting odds in soccer betting can also be a good way to identify value bets. Bookies are usually close together when it comes to the prices for a particular event. But sometimes a bookie will offer a significantly better price than all of their rivals for the same market.

Taking value bets is key for anyone who wants to succeed in soccer betting. It can make the difference between recording a loss and a profit. Always keep the search for good value in mind!