What Will It Take For Fall To Return

What Will It Take For Fall To Return

It’s hard to believe, but we’re coming up on a year since Tacko Fall signed an exhibit 10 contract with the Boston Celtics. Since then Fall has signed a two-way contract with the team and has become a popular player with teammates and fans alike. Whether the 2019-20 season gets completed or not, there is a question of what does Tacko Fall need to do to stay on the Boston roster next season.

Fall was undrafted out of the University of Central Florida. He was a fan favorite during summer league, standing 7 feet 6 inches tall and being able to get spotted from the last row of a building. Standing that tall, the obvious move for coaches with Fall on offense is to have him park in the paint and rack up the rebounds and second chance baskets. The problem with a game plan like that is it works in college when you have a player the size of Tacko against a sophomore center or power forward. If Fall is in the paint against players like Andre Drummond or Joel Embiid, fighting for those second chance baskets could be detrimental to Tacko’s physical health given their size and muscle.

It’s crazy to say that a man that is around 7 ½ feet tall needs more muscle, but that is the case. Although Fall needs more work, his time in the G League this season was impressive and a great building block for the future: 12.9 ppg and 11.1 rpg with the Maine Red Claws. Again, this wasn’t against the likes of Giannis or LeBron, but these G League players are the closest to NBA competition a player can get.

Another thing to work on for Tacko is his shot selection. According to synergy, before the NBA Draft Fall was a 73% shooter from the paint. Go outside the paint, and he shot 100% from the field but that was a field goal total of 3-3 for the Golden Knights of Central Florida in his senior year. If he can find a mid range shot, or somehow find a three point shot, Tacko’s stock will see a big climb.

Next year, if Fall stays with the Celtics, he will still be the third man on the depth chart at the center position behind Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis. For the 2020-21 season, cardio is going to be a big thing to watch for. With Maine Fall was averaging just over 23 minutes/game, and in Boston he saw considerably less and that’s understandable for a rookie. Next season, if he stays in Beantown, Tacko needs to see between 12-18 minutes/game during the preseason. He’s a popular person and from all accounts a friendly guy who can dunk without jumping while directing the Boston Pops. It’s going to require a good amount of work, but Tacko can be a valuable player in Boston that can land on the roster if things fall his way.

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