“Week Of Celebration” Announced For 1970 Cup Winning Bruins

“Week Of Celebration” Announced For 1970 Cup Winning Bruins

The Boston Bruins announced today that starting today, Sunday May third, the Bruins will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1970 cup championship Bruins for one whole week ending on mothers day.

Blast from the past

Over the next week you’ll be able to see recent Bruins highlights with a bit of a twist. The highlights will be doctored up a bit and will have a “70’s theme” to them. It will be interesting to see seeing as the game has evolved a bit and we won’t be used to seeing a game from the 70s played like how games are played today. But it will be pretty damn cool to see legends like Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron playing in the same time period as fellow legends Bobby Orr, Johnny Bucyk, Derek Sanderson and Harry Sinden.

In addition, new original content from the team and from the 1970 season will be showing throughout the week. The finale on sunday night will feature a showing of “The 1970 Bruins: Big, Bad and Bobby” on NHL Network at 8 p.m ET.

Players available via numerous outlets

Players from the team will be made available for the media via Zoom as well as a special meeting:

Harry Sinden was available to the media on Monday, May 4th at 3 pm ET

Derek Sanderson will held a Season Ticket Holder Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, May 5th at 12 pm ET

Johhny Bucyk will be available to media on Wednesday, May 6th at 12 pm ET

Bobby Orr will be giving a phone call to the winner of a special raffle that will also receive a “one of a kind” replica statue of “The goal” featuring Bobby Orr. The winner will receive the statue as well as be able to choose a person of his or hers choosing to receive a phone call from Bobby. All proceeds from the ticket purchases will go to organizations that benefit first responders, health care workers and front line workers fighting the COVID-19 battle. The Bruins have already donated $400,000 to these organizations as well. You can purchase a raffle ticket by visiting www.bruinsraffles.org.

Credit to puckpros.com for the featured image.

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