The Patriots Aren’t Tanking – Stidham is the Quarterback

The Patriots Aren’t Tanking – Stidham is the Quarterback

Patriot fans Jarrett Stidham is the quarterback for the Patriots. They will not get Cam Newton or Andy Dalton. Belichick isn’t interested, they won’t tank away a season and lose on purpose that isn’t in Belichick’s DNA. People thinking that don’t know Belichick and still aren’t over Brady leaving for Tampa. People haven’t even given Stidham a chance yet and already there’s judgement that he can’t play. That will light a fire under him and he will prove people wrong on the field. They didn’t draft a quarterback because they already have one. Stidham is the guy, not Brian Hoyer or some veteran off the street.

Stidham was taken in the fourth round last year. He’s already been in the system for one full year and knows the offense. Honestly, Mohamed Sanu, and N’Keal Harry will probably be better now that Brady is gone. Why? Because Brady didn’t have the patience for either of them. Now with Stidham at the helm it’s a fresh start]. It’s obviously going to work with Edelman too. I love how people want to say that Stidham won’t work out when they haven’t even see him play or start a regular season game.

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Tanking for a number one pick in next year’s draft will never ever happen. That just makes the process longer to finding the next quarterback. Belichick doesn’t work that way, he always wants to plan for the future and have a solid winning franchise. Stidham isn’t Brady, but 20 years ago who thought Brady would become the greatest of all time? The answer is nobody. Stidham won’t be Brady, but he’ll be successful and win in a Patriots uniform.

Who knows when the regular season will start, but the Patriots always have a plan. They got two tight ends, the receivers will be more relaxed because they aren’t dealing with the greatest of all time, and the defense got better too. Stidham is going to be humble and ready for the opportunity to take over as the starter for this team, whether you like it or not. They’ll still win the AFC East and the playoffs will be a toss up. No doubt they’ll be competitive and do the best they can to win each week.