Bruins Free Agent Pick 3

Bruins Free Agent Pick 3

Love them or hate them we have all seen them. The dreaded pick three memes are blanketing all forms of social media. Why not make one we could actually talk about in a useful way. The current league pause and questions about where the cap will be is making free agent news almost non-existent. So what if we took the cap and money out of it? What pending Bruins’ free agents would you keep? Now to make it interesting because we would all like to keep everyone, you can only pick three players to keep.

The Bruins have seven pending free agents on their NHL roster. Those players are Krug, Bjork, Chara, Debrusk, Nordstrom, Halak, and Grzelcyk. So the players were numbered 1-7 and the question was asked ”If you can only keep three, who do you keep?”. This was sent to a number of sports groups on Facebook and now we find out who Bruins fans want to keep most.

The most popular vote by far was the combination of Krug, Debrusk, and Grzelcyk. Interestingly enough all seven players got votes that fans wanted them as part of their three to keep. The top vote receiver was Krug with 29.6% of the votes. That was followed closely by Debrusk at 27.6% of votes, and Grzelcyk rounding out the top three at 14.8%.

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The player with the least amount of top three votes was Nordstrom, who came in with only 1.4%. While that might seem harsh it’s pretty impressive that the only fourth-line player on the list got votes at all. The next fewest votes went to Bjork who received 5.3%. The young third line wing has had his share of injury issues, and while he has shown flashes the season’s numbers leave room for improvement. The most surprising result was Halak beating out Chara. With 11.7% vs 9.5% Halak received more votes then the long time Bruins captain.

What does all of this mean? Does it reflect what management might do? Maybe, maybe not, we don’t know. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if only three of these players returned. Personally if I could only keep three I’m keeping Krug, Chara (if he wants to come back for another year) and Bjork. What players would you keep if you could only keep three? Please comment your picks and as always please check out our other team pages. Learn all you will ever need about all the Patriots draft picks.

Featured image courtesy of Michael Dwyer/AP Photo.

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