Brady and Gronk Didn’t Want To Play For Belichick Anymore

Brady and Gronk Didn’t Want To Play For Belichick Anymore

All three egos got in the way

With 2020 getting worse for Patriot fans, Gronkowski was traded to the Bucs for a fourth round pick. Let’s face it. Gronk never retired, he just didn’t want to play for Belichick anymore because he wasn’t having fun. Just like Tom Brady, who spent 20 seasons in New England and won Six Super Bowls. Gronk always wanted to keep playing as long as it was with Brady, just not in New England playing for Belichick.

Gronk made up injuries as reason to retire so he could play with Brady again

Gronk was almost traded in 2018 to the Lions, but it was stopped because he either threatened to retire. He stayed and won a Super Bowl, then claimed he retired because of all the injuries. Then as soon as Brady joins the Bucs Gronk feels better and joins him. No doubt if Belichick wasn’t coaching the Patriots Gronk and Brady would be playing in New England in 2020. Brady and Gronk couldn’t handle the bitterness of Belichick, even though they’ve always been winning. Belichick isn’t Bruce Arians, who is more laid back. Bill’s much harder and both Brady and Gronk wanna have more fun. So fine go play in Tampa, have fun down there.

You could say Gronk quit on the Patriots in 2019 just because he didn’t want to play for the coach anymore. I don’t buy he was hurt and that’s why he walked away. If that was true he would stay retired. As soon as Brady leaves Gronk all of a sudden says he can play again? It’s clear what’s going on and that he was just sick of Bill.

Gronk screwed the Patriots in 2019 of being a legit good team. All to spite the head coach. If winning is all that matters to you wouldn’t you just suck it up? Bill is the way he is because he likes to win, and it’s clear with Gronk being a party animal and promoting himself it’s all about him. You can say the same for Brady, accept he’s the face of the franchise and won Six Super Bowls.

Without Brady or Gronk you don’t win the sixth one. All three egos played a part of what happened in the end. Bill should’ve lightened up a little bit, Gronk and Brady should’ve sucked it up and had the ‘at least we win’ attitude. In the end Belichick has to rebuild an offense for the first time in 20 seasons, while Gronk and Brady are having fun in Tampa.