Patriots Unveil New Uniforms

Patriots Unveil New Uniforms

The organization continues to change this offseason, this time centered around the team’s jerseys. On Monday, April 20 New England released their new uniform set based partially on last year’s Color Rush alternate. This was the first change to their primary uniforms in 20 years.

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The home jersey is practically identical to last year’s Color Rush jersey, with large stripes on the shoulders giving the dark blue jersey a simple yet professional look. While most people can agree the home jerseys look sick, the white appears to have alienated the public.

New England Patriots reveal new uniforms

The white jersey with navy blue pants still has a clean look to it, but the large red stripes on the jersey is where it gets controversial. Somehow it looks professional and goofy simultaneously, perhaps due to just how large the stripes look while contrasting with the white. But I think we need to see how the away jersey looks on the field before we can finally decide if it looks good or not.

There were also a few other small changes with both uniforms. The number font was updated slightly, and the sock design changed its color scheme as well. But they certainly found inspiration in past Pats jerseys, while also using the public’s positive feedback on recent jerseys, to craft their new uniforms. For more information, and a closer look at the new uniforms, head over to the Patriots official website.