Belichick Wants To Prove He Can Win Without Brady

Belichick Wants To Prove He Can Win Without Brady

For the first time in 19 years Belichick will have a quarterback on the field not named Tom Brady. Before the Patriots Belichick had one prior head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns. That didn’t go well, and is probably the most forgettable part of his career. Belichick’s legacy is tied to his time with the Patriots. He was very fortunate to draft Tom Brady, and the two of them won a lot. Now comes a new decade and new world in the real world and the Patriots’ world. What does Belichick have left to prove? Build a Patriots team that will win and compete for many years to come.

If Belichick doesn’t win now with Brady gone people will say it was all Brady, or they need each other to win. If Belichick wins, and I’m talking hosting a AFC Championship and making a Super Bowl, then the success will be seen as Belichick mostly. It will also help his legacy as the greatest football coach of all time.

There’s a spark under Belichick like there was under Brady when Bill drafted Garoppolo. Belichick wants to prove he can win without Brady, and that he find the next quarterback, whether that be Stidham or someone in the draft. Brady has nothing to prove, he’s done it all. He will still be playing at a high level and do well in Tampa.

Belichick is going to love rebuilding this team. They will still win the AFC East. They can win the division at 9-7. This is an important week for Belichick as he prepares for the draft that starts Thursday. It’s a whole new setup because of the virus, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Belichick will win without Brady because of the great coach he is. If he wins a Super Bowl the argument will be over.