“The Last Dance” Is Here At Last

“The Last Dance” Is Here At Last

On Sunday night at 9:00pm ESPN will finally release the much anticipated documentary on the 1998 Chicago Bulls. This will be the first of 10 parts that show unseen footage and interviews regarding the last season Michael Jordan would spend as a Chicago Bull. 

ESPN released a five minute teaser clip on social media to wet the appetite of starving sports fans even more. The clip sets the table for the drama swirling around the Bulls organization heading into the 1997-1998 campaign. You might find this hard to believe, but Michael Jordan was not too keen on the idea of the Bulls starting a rebuild. There was real tension between Jordan and the Bulls general manager Jerry Krause. 

The documentary will certainly be a great source of entertainment during this pandemic, as the NHL and NBA playoffs were scheduled to be happening right now. But fans were clamoring for this documentary well before the coronavirus shutdown the sports world. 

The three aspects that make a great sports documentary are greatness, drama, and behind-the-scenes aspects. 

Most of the remembered sports documentaries are about teams and players that either won championships, or failed to win due to dramatic circumstances. Also, adding never before seen footage and interviews into a trailer regarding one of the most iconic teams in sports history will certainly grab people’s attention. 

According to the trailers, a film crew was given access unlike anything allowed before. They followed the Bulls through what turned out to be the organization’s last title for 22 years and counting. They documented the entire season. 

This 10 part series will include interviews with Barack Obama, Adam Silver, Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and many others. 

What will not be included in this series is as interesting as what will be. Jordan’s gambling habit. His hiatus from the NBA when he played baseball. His father’s murder. There are many rumors surrounding these aspects of Jordan’s life. It will be fascinating to see which of these topics, if any, are brought up in any way. 

The sport’s world will certainly be tuning in Sunday at 9 to find out. 

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