NESN Airing All David Pastrnak’s 2019 Goals

NESN Airing All David Pastrnak’s 2019 Goals

The NHL postseason would already be underway if not for the COVID-19 pandemic. With the sports world shut down until further notice, the media and fans are trying to find ways to get their sports’ fix. 

Many documentaries and old games are being played on local and national sports networks. Sunday at 8:00pm NESN will be airing something a little different. 

NESN will be showing all 48 of David Pastrnak’s goals from the 2019-2020 campaign. Viewers will enjoy a flury of one timers, breakaways and smooth finishes from 88, who lead the league in scores at the time of the stoppage. With the Bruins having last played March 10th, this should serve as an entertaining hour for The Black and Gold faithful. 

NESN and other sports networks should be putting more highlights packages together for broadcasts. Watching old games and documentaries is suitable during this time, but having the most exciting parts of the sport packed into an hour is a no-brainer idea. 

NESN in particular has quite a few options to use, both of current and retired players. Since they have the broadcasting rights to the Bruins and Red Sox any star of recent memory could have a similar package. All of David Ortiz’s home runs from 2006 or Pedro Martinez’s strikeouts from 2000 could also be put into an hour program. 

Even in the last couple years, Chris Sale’s strikeouts in 2017 or Brad Marchand’s goals in 2019 would absolutely fit this program. Depending on the video quality and how long it would take to produce, any great year by a Bruin or Red Sox player from the past few decades should be considered for this. But with what is going on right now, NESN would be wise to create more programs of this ilk. 

Other national networks are creating similar content. ESPN is airing a multi-week program on the last year of Michael Jordan’s championship, and the NFL Network is replaying multiple weeks of NFL Redzone. All of the networks should go through their recent contests and put together highlight packages of the best their sports have to offer.

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