The Patriots should sign Chris Hogan

The Patriots should sign Chris Hogan

Nobody knows if football will be played on time in 2020, but the Patriots have had a huge off season of transitions. The biggest? Obviously Tom Brady leaving to Tampa. With Jarrett Stidham the quarterback and receivers that need work it’s best to have Chris Hogan back in a Patriots uniform. Hogan back with Edelman and working with Sanu and Harry will be a perfect fit. He would be a great target for Stidham also.

The Patriots need tight end and other help in the draft more than receiver help. Stidham can work with what he has, and adding Hogan will be a plus. He’s good at getting open and creating space with the defender. Also he would be the most reliable receiver on the Patriots, other than Edelman of course. Harry and Sanu weren’t the greatest, also Brady didn’t want to work with them. Stidham, though, is a young quarterback who can work with these guys. And Hogan, who’s been here before, is a perfect fit.

With the OTA’s probably in doubt, along with all the off season workouts, there isn’t much time to prepare for the season. Stidham is going to need all the reps he can get. Again, Hogan knows the system and would be a great fit in the Patriots offense. Even both MC.Courtys agree, as they mentioned Sunday night on their “Double Coverage” Podcast. He would also be a mentor to Harry and fit right into the Patriots system. Hopefully Belichick makes the move and brings Hogan back.

Post Brady is going to be hard, but the Patriots do best at moving forward and not listening to the noise. I think Belichick will build a team to be competitive in 2020 and for years to come. It’ll be different, but they will never tank. They will be the best they can be, still win the division and make the playoffs. Whenever football happens it’ll be fun to watch what the Patriots are like post Brady.