Chris Sale Optimistic After Surgery

Chris Sale Optimistic After Surgery

What a career Ace Chris Sale has had since he made his Major League Debut back in August 2010. The former White Sox ace has been dominant since he has entered the league. In ten years of being in the majors he has 109 wins and 73 losses. But since coming to Boston its been a rocky road with him shutting down before the season ends, or just being saved for the postseason due to concerns about his shoulder. Boston made the move during the 2016 off season by acquiring him for then prospects Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech, among others.

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Fast forward four years, and the 2018 Championship, later and Tommy John Surgery hit Sale hard. He had his surgery done on March 30 in Los Angeles. Granted, he has played well for Boston since arriving, minus being shut down mid-to-late season for shoulder reasons, and now we find out he needed surgery. This past off season Chris was battling pneumonia for quite some time, that even lead to when pitchers and catchers reported back in February. This is the time for him to do the surgery while baseball is on the back burner due to the coronavirus, with a short season to be played at some point.

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On Tuesday on a conference call this is what Sale had to say:

“I have nothing else going on,” Sale said. “I can focus 100% of my time and effort on this to come back as good as I can. I owe that to my team, my teammates and to the fans. I’m sitting out a year and the team put its faith in me to pitch at the highest level for five more years. And at best, I’m only going to give them four. For me, I take a lot of pride in what I do and don’t take it lightly. I have a chip on my shoulder. I guess I have one in my elbow, too.”

Per ESPN he wants to comeback stronger than ever. Will his arm ever be the same post surgery? Boston better hope so, or the Nation will let Sale and the team hear it. Just least year he signed a five-year, $145 Million contract extension and you will not seem pitch once this upcoming season.

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