Will The Patriots draft a quarterback?

Will The Patriots draft a quarterback?

For the first time in 20 years they’ll be a new quarterback on the Patriots. They don’t need a veteran like a Andy Dalton or Cam Newton. They should just go with Stidham I’ve said before if they wanted a veteran they should’ve just kept Brady. Nobody knowns if Stidham is ready or not. He’s never started an NFL game yet but he’ll get his chance. You bring in a Can Newton or Andy Dalton you’re going to have a lot of people saying they should’ve just kept Brady. Sorry but I can’t root for Can Newton or Dalton, I’d rather buy a Bucs Brady Jersey.

Stidham has everything in his favor and his job to lose. He knows he could hold the keys to the offense depending how he does in the minicamp and training camp. I think Stidham has potential and to be the next quarterback for this team. They don’t have to bring in a average veteran when they have Hoyer, or draft someone when they need help in other areas.

The Patriots could draft someone this draft to draw the starting job as a competition. But the person they draft won’t be ready either. Stidham was under Brady and the Patriots system, give him a shot to see what he can do. He’s going to have a top receiver in Edelman and have Harry in his second season. The run game is pretty good with White and Michel they should be all set at quarterback.

The Patriots do the best at ignoring the noise. There will be a lot of talk surrounding what the team will look like now that Brady is gone. The leadership won’t change and all the doubt on Stidham is going to motivate him like how doubt motivates Brady. If Stidham can take one thing from Brady it should be let people talk all they want and prove them wrong on the field.