BIBS Favorite Bruin Bracket

In times like these you have to think outside the box. Especially for us in the blogging/sport writing/sports journalism world. The best way that I could think was to find a way to find out who the Boston faithful really favor the most as far as men who have sported the spoked B.

How this works

To find out exactly who the Bruins fans adore the most, Believe in Boston Sports will be doing a March Madness style bracket via Twitter poll. The players with the most votes at the end of the voting period (one day) will move on to the next round and be that much closer to being the favorite Bruin.

The criteria to get certain players into the tournament were based on who we at Believe In Boston Sports think deserved a spot based on who we think the fans love the most. Remember, this isn’t to find out who we think is the best, its who we think is our favorite. Its not based on stats, its not based on success in the NHL, its simply who is the favorite player in the eyes of the Boston fans.

How do I vote/What’s in it for me?

Voting will be done on twitter. Go to the Believe in Boston Sports twitter profile to be linked to all of the writers who will be posting the matchups and simply vote for your favorite player in each of the matchups. If you can’t decide, PICK ONE! The more you vote, the better your chances are at winning a Believe in Boston Sports T-shirt! You can also better your chances to win by retweeting, and tagging your friends to also vote and retweet.

Don’t have a twitter account? Make one!

1. Go to or download the app on your phone or electronic device that is capable of doing so.

2. Create your account

3. Search “ BelieveBoston_ ” (Don’t forget the underscore at the end) and look for the links to each writers profile to vote for the matchups currently in progress.

4. You can also search the writers who will be posting each round of matchups: Dillon – at @DillonSmithBIBS, Lizz – at @pastagrl88, Chad – at @ShutUpChadJones, and Michael – at @Bosmike808.

Remember, the more you vote, the more you’re involved and the more people you get involved will help your chances of getting a Believe in Boston Sports T-Shirt! Voting will start on Sunday April 5th at 5pm Eastern time. Each round of voting will be open for one day. After one day, the player with the most votes will move on to the next round. Vote on!

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