Who Is The Best Bruins Fighter Of All Time?

Who Is The Best Bruins Fighter Of All Time?

The Boston Bruins have one of the most passionate and loyal fanbases in the NHL. Whether it be the hometown team, the physical play, or the dropping of the mitts for a good old fashioned slug fest, I think that’s one thing that most Bruins fans, as well as hockey fans in general, can agree on. We all love to see a good fight. The question is, who did it best for the Boston Bruins?

A dying breed

If you pay attention to modern NHL you’ll notice right away that fights are not quite as common nowadays as they were back in the 20th century. There are still players who love to drop the mitts, and teams who prefer the fighting style more than others, but overall, fighting in hockey is more on its way out. Player health is the most important thing in all of sports. With modern day health science being so good, players as well as the leagues can now actually tell what the outcome will be if participants are constantly bruising and battering their heads over the course of their careers. With all of that being said, the league is trying to cut down on meaningless fights, and players aren’t quite as willing to drop the gloves. With rivalries not creating as much “bad blood” there’s also less reason to fight. I personally think fighting needs to stay in hockey because, believe it or not, I think it makes the game more safe. But those who watch hockey for the fights are not quite as satisfied as they used to be.

Whos is the Bruins fighting G.O.A.T?

Milan Lucic? Pj Stock? Terry O’Reilly? Cam Neely? The list could go on and on for the Boston Bruins. Some mentioned above brought fighting as their best asset to the team. For others, fighting was just one of the things that they could do to help the team win. This question could be answered in a lot of ways. Who won the most, who fight the most, who was the toughest, or even who was the most courageous. There really is no right or wrong answer. Its more just a matter of opinion. Personally I would say Milan Lucic as he never backed down, always stuck up for his teammates, came out on top way more often than not, and he did bring a little bit more to the table than just fighting. He checks the most boxes for me. I also was not fortunate enough to see the old timers like O’Reilly, Cashman, Neely and other play in their prime and live. Who’s your Bruins fighting G.O.A.T? Are there any players who you think will make an impact in the Bruins fight game someday in the Bruin system? Let us know if the comments.

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