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The Jokesters Of The Boston Celtics

The silence from the Garden has been roaring in my spirit, as I am sure it has with every other sports fan and arenas around the world. No sounds of squeaking sneakers, ferocious fans, or balls swishing into their nylon nets has made things rather sad for this Celtics gal. However, today, in honor of April Fools Day, I thought it’d be fun to highlight some of our favorite Boston Celtics jokesters in order to lighten the mood and hopefully lift some spirits.

Enes Kanter

Without a doubt Enes Kanter has to be one of the funniest guys on the team. If you haven’t yet followed him on Instagram (@eneskanter11) or Twitter (@eneskanter), you really should. Each day he is posting funny videos trying to pass the time and encourage anyone watching. But let’s go back to the beginning of his time here in Boston. In his first press conference, when asked why he chooses to wear number 11, his answer was priceless. “I want to be the reason no one else does.” Even if Enes does not retire as a Celtic, number 11 deserves to hang in the rafters in honor of him, if for no other reason than no one else can now don it. Since that interview he hasn’t let up with the antics. From bringing cookies to the media to driving around with Tacko Fall, he has kept fans laughing. He’s also a good sport when teammates like to tease him. After a great steal and bucket agains the 76ers on December 12, the Celtics bench were caught mimicking how Enes ran back up the court. Lastly, let’s remember Kanter’s response to staying in Boston at the end of the trade deadline. Relief was evident as he “swam” across the Lucky Logo on the floor. If for no other reason to make us laugh, Enes is a great addition to the roster. Hopefully we’ll get to see more rebounds, put-back points and many more laughs from our beloved big man soon.

Marcus Smart

There’s not one perspective that make Marcus Smart unloveable, his sense of humor is no exception. He’s always been a very welcoming member of the team to the new guys, but he gave rookie, Romeo Langford a very memorable “Welcome to the Team” moment as he was ordering dinner. Marcus placed an order over $400 in Romeo’s name and the rook didn’t know quite what to do. From interviewing in his bathrobe to putting Scal in his place while playing H-O-R-S-E, Marcus keeps us smiling. Both on and off the court, he has been known to break out in a dance, like he did recently with teammate Jaylen Brown. He will liven up any party and bring a smile to every fan. Hopefully we’ll see more of his amazing winning plays, record breaking 3s and crazy antics before long.

Grant Williams

Last, but certainly not least, is none other than the rookie Grant Williams. From the moment he arrived he has been endearing fans to himself with his smile, lovable persona, and of course his sense of humor. He’s been known to make his way into any interview, whether or not it’s his own. One great example is when he caught teammate Marcus Smart off guard as he posed as one of the media after a game. Even in his admiration for his teammates, he adds humor to the locker room as he asks for autographs. As a newcomer to the NBA, it can’t always be easy to adjust, but with his love of life and the game he’s had no troubles. He accepts his role, and bows to the king, Marcus Smart. Fans loved how he campaigned for All-Star votes for his fellow Celtics teammates. While Kemba and JT were the only ones to go, Grant’s admiration for JB has not waned. Hopefully we’ll see more of Grant’s smile, and a few more 3-pointers, very soon!

While we wait patiently for the pandemic to end and basketball to return, let’s remember the good times brought to us by the Boston Celtics and the entire NBA. In the meantime, keep strong, social distance and as always, #bleedgreen.

Feature photo by NBC Sports Boston

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